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Hello!! We are Top Dog Decking and Fencing. We build fences, beautiful decks, pergolas in accordance with the desires of our clients. We are one of leading fencing contractor for pool fencing, colorbond fencing, timber fencing with safety. We also provide custom and timber decking. Our main objective lies in delivering the best results so that you are happy in the end of the contract. Not only that we have expert team for Balustrades North Narrabeen, retaining walls NSW. Also, we do not hesitate to work extra if it is required to ensure perfection in the job. You can trust us because we have been in this industry for a long time and we are known for delivering impressive results. Visit us or call us. We are always ready to help you.

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Our Services

With an extensive knowledge and experience in the fencing industry, Top Dog Decking and Fencing has a high reputation for delivering a wide range of fencing services in accordance to the requisites of our clients. We are also best in retaining walls, colorbond fencing in Nsw, timber fencing Sydney.

  • Fencing

    We bring you diverse ranges of fencing services that are not only remarkable in appearance but also possess their own individual features. With the top professionals of this industry, we offer a quality and modern fencing service for the advantage of our clients.

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  • Pergolas

    Top Dog Decking and Fencing specialises in creating rejuvenating and harmonious pergolas which are designed in terms of the requisite and taste of our clients. Whether the property is a bungalow, a villa or even a country cottage, we have experienced and knowledgeable

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  • Deck Building

    Are you thinking of adding a deck to your home? Top Dog Decking and Fencing would be happy to help you in fulfilling your wish by building a deck in terms of your needs and advantage. We understand that adding a space to your home is a way to enjoy the outdoors and

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  • Porches

    An excellent way by which you can enjoy the outdoors is by sitting at the porches in front of your house. Also, there is no hassle of insects bothering you as well as there is no exposure to direct sun rays. We have the best people of the industry who can fulfil your wish in the finest way possible.

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Our Portfolio

We always imagine from the viewpoint of our clients and hence, we aim at delivering the best work beyond the expectation of our customers.


  • James Williams

    Top Dog Decking and Fencing is a very experienced fencing expert in our city. They have delivered a fantastic job in my home project and I am extremely happy with their services.

  • Affan Ibne Hafiz

    I would recommend Top Dog Decking and Fencing to anybody who is looking for fencing or pergolas building services. They not only possess great talent but also have huge knowledge in this field.

  • Affan Ibne Hafiz

    They are very knowledgeable people and I love them for their excellent quality of work. Furthermore, they did a project for me at a very affordable budget and I am really satisfied with their services.